How to get DCD Fit-Out Approval for Businesses in Dubai?


Starting a renovation project in Dubai is an exhilarating adventure, but securing approval from the Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) is a vital step that requires careful attention and adherence to rules. To ensure a seamless and successful project experience, companies must grasp the details of the DCD renovation approval process. Let’s explore the main elements of this process to help companies understand the complexities of securing DCD approval for renovation projects in Dubai.

1. Submission of Comprehensive Fit-Out Drawings

A key initial action in the DCD fit-out approval procedure involves submitting detailed fit-out plans, which encompass fire and safety strategies, along with additional pertinent plans. These plans serve as a visual depiction of the intended fit-out design and are essential for demonstrating adherence to fire safety standards and other DCD mandates.

2. Contractor Registration with DCD

Contractors working on interior fit-out projects in Dubai must be listed with the Dubai Civil Defense. This listing ensures that the contractors have fulfilled the required qualifications and standards established by DCD, such as proficiency in fire safety protocols and adherence to legal standards. Working with a listed contractor is a necessary step before starting interior fit-out projects in Dubai.

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3. Application for Initial Approval via DCD Portal

Companies looking to start their interior renovation projects need to initiate the first approval process via the DCD portal. This process involves submitting all necessary paperwork and details about the planned renovation. The DCD reviews the application to ensure that the proposed design adheres to fire safety rules and other legal standards before approving to beginning of the renovation work.

4. Application for Final Completion from DCD

After finishing the renovation project, companies must request approval from the Dubai Civil Defense for completion. This process involves submitting paperwork and proof to demonstrate that the renovation work was done according to approved plans and standards and that all fire safety requirements were met according to DCD rules. DCD approval confirms that the renovation project meets all standards and allows companies to start using the newly renovated space.

5. Mandatory DCD Approval for Restaurants

For companies working in the food and drink industry, obtaining DCD approval is not merely a suggestion but an essential requirement. Each establishment in Dubai must obtain DCD approval, ensuring that they fulfill certain standards concerning fire safety and other legal regulations. This mandate underscores the importance of prioritizing safety and adherence in the design and setup of restaurant spaces in Dubai.


Navigating the DCD fit-out approval process in Dubai requires meticulous preparation, adherence to rules, and collaboration with approved contractors and DCD officials. By understanding the main stages of the process, companies can streamline the approval journey and ensure compliance with fire safety and other regulations. With secured DCD approval, companies can commence their fit-out projects confidently, knowing that safety and regulatory compliance are prioritized at every stage.

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