We, as interior designers, count ourselves lucky to live our designs daily. However, running a design firm in the UAE can feel challenging. Juggling between client demands for more design options, contractors insisting on specific work deadlines, and unavoidable site visits, we find ourselves with limited time for crucial business conversations. We’re specifically talking about the little time available to prepare a Bill of Quantities (BOQ).

Undoubtedly, an estimate and BOQ (Bill of Quantities) form the core of any project. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and limited knowledge, we often overlook the importance of preparing them accurately. A precise BOQ is essential for presenting an accurate estimate, ultimately building trust with our clients. It’s our starting point for bagging a project.

A comprehensive BOQ (Bill of Quantities) aids the client in expediting their decision-making process. It provides you with a clear understanding of the optimal design possibilities within the specified budget. We acknowledge the challenges in crafting an estimation document, and that’s precisely why we have assembled a step-by-step guide on creating your ideal interior design budget estimate quickly.

Start with a Format and Design a Schedule

To start, streamline your BOQ format as the initial step. Establishing a consistent format for all project invoices is crucial. This simplifies document management. Create a table format that can be easily adjusted for each project’s requirements. Make a wise decision and choose a format that is transparent, accurate, and understandable to everyone. You can follow Idea Reality Interior (IR Interior) layouts for Design Schedule.

BOQ (Billing of Quantity)
IR Interior Bill of Quality

Describing the Products and Materials

At this stage, we carefully examine the details. Create a comprehensive list of all the materials and products that will be utilized in the project. We organize and subdivide the material usage into different categories. Specify the characteristics of the materials, such as finishes, size, color, and type. We (IR Interior) provide you with a perfect BOQ (Billing of Quality) in 4-6 hours to ensure your ease.

Estimating the Right Quantities for BOQ

The subsequent stage involves quantifying each unit of the materials specified in the bill. A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) revolves around ensuring the accurate quantity of units. The overall estimated cost relies entirely on this aspect. Precisely state the numbers and their corresponding rates. Establish contact with your market vendors, and agents, and conduct surveys if necessary. IR Interior Team is an Expert in this aspect of BOQs, when you excel at this stage of BOQs that means you have already won half the battle. 

BOQ (Billing of Quantity)
Bill of Quantity (BOQ) in interior design

Include Additional Special Services

Many companies incorporate special services in BOQ (Billing of Quantity), such as site visits during execution, suggesting civil material grades, offering improvisation ideas for project management, and accompanying clients to furniture markets. However, IR Interiors goes the extra mile by providing all these services free of charge for the convenience of our clients.

Write and Disposal and Site Handling

It is crucial to acknowledge that conducting a swift calculation regarding material wastage is always a valuable endeavor. As designers, we may sometimes overlook the occurrences on the construction site. Therefore, it becomes imperative to consider the management of material wastage and its proper disposal on site. To ensure efficient handling of material delivery, it is essential to establish guidelines and assign responsibilities to site supervisors. Additionally, it is vital to address the significance of site storage and maintenance. Provisions should be made for regular inspections of material wear and tear on site. IR Interior ensures the sustainability of everything.

BOQ Bill of Quantity interior designer

Add on Contigencies and Risks

Everyone other than IR Interior adds extra charges other than the total fee to get more profit from their clients. But IR ensures the client satisfaction and budget and works accordingly to it.

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