Shisha Café interior approval from Dubai Authorities:

Getting approval for a shisha café interior in Dubai involves adhering to specific regulations and guidelines set by the local authorities. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the approval process:

Identify the Jurisdiction:

Determine the jurisdiction in which your shisha café is located. Different areas may fall under the jurisdiction of the Dubai Municipality or specific free zone authorities.

Engage a Professional Consultant:

Hire a licensed interior designer or consultant with experience in the hospitality sector. They should be well-versed in Dubai’s regulations and guidelines for cafes.

Familiarize Yourself with Regulations:

Understand the specific regulations and guidelines related to shisha cafes. This includes requirements for ventilation, seating capacity, health and safety standards, and any other relevant criteria.

Prepare Detailed Interior Plans:

Work with your consultant to create comprehensive interior plans for your shisha café. This may include:

  • Layout of seating areas.
  • Ventilation and air circulation plans.
  • Location of shisha stations.
  • Compliance with fire safety regulations.

Dubai Municipality Approval:

If your shisha café is under the jurisdiction of the Dubai Municipality, follow these steps:

  • Submit the interior plans to the Dubai Municipality for review.
  • Pay any applicable fees associated with the approval process.
  • Address any feedback or requested revisions promptly.
  • Coordinate with other relevant approvals such as health and safety.

Free Zone Authority Approval:

If your café is in a free zone, coordinate with the relevant free zone authority:

  • Submit interior plans to the free zone authority.
  • Adhere to any additional guidelines or requirements specified by the authority.
  • Pay the necessary fees for approval.

Coordinate with Food Authority Approvals:

Coordinate the interior approval process with other necessary approvals, such as food and beverage licensing.

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