Obtain DM Approval for Your Villa Service Block with Our Expert Team in Dubai!

Unlock the potential of your villa in Dubai by adding a service block for extra space and utility. Our dedicated approval-providing team specializes in securing Dubai Municipality (DM) Approval for Service Blocks in Villas.

The Necessity of DM Approval:

Securing Dubai Municipality approval is a crucial step before making modifications or additions to your villa, especially when involving a service block. It guarantees compliance with city regulations, ensuring the safety, structural integrity, and functionality of your property. This approval serves as vital proof for legal purposes and future property transactions.

Documents Required for DM Approval:

To initiate the approval process, submit the following documents to Dubai Municipality:

  • Site plan featuring the service block’s location
  • Architectural drawings of the service block
  • Structural engineering calculations
  • MEP drawings
  • Fire safety plan

Why Choose Our Services?

Our certified engineers in Dubai are experts in navigating the approval process seamlessly. We craft drawings in strict compliance with DM rules, ensuring a smooth journey from application to approval. Trust our team for expert guidance tailored to meet the specific requirements of DM Approval for Service Blocks in Villas.

IR Interiors helps you get Modification Approval in Dubai, UAE

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