Essential Architectural Requirements for a Restaurant Approvals in Dubai:

Setting up a new restaurant in Dubai involves adhering to specific architectural requirements and obtaining necessary approvals from relevant authorities. Here’s a breakdown of the key requirements and documents for Dubai approvals:

Engage Professional Consultants:

Hire a team of professional consultants, including architects and interior designers, who are familiar with Dubai’s regulations and have experience in obtaining approvals for restaurant interiors.

Architectural Requirements:


  • Size: At least 300 to 380 square feet if there’s a tandoor or 40% of the total restaurant area.
  • Ventilation: Adequate ventilation, with the chimney at least 2 meters higher than the nearest building.

Walls, Floor, and Roof:

  • Materials: Washable, non-absorbent, and fireproof materials.

Assigned Basins:

  • Separate basins for washing utensils, cleaning vegetables, and handling meat.

Storage Facility:

  • Adequate storage for all types of food items.

Drainage Pipe:

  • Positioned at least 2 inches away from the wall.

Required Documents:

Trading License:

  • Obtain a trading license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.

Food and Safety License:

  • Acquire a food and safety license from the Dubai Municipality, ensuring compliance with hygiene and safety standards.

Non-Objection Certificate (NOC):

  • Obtain a NOC from the local municipality of Dubai, indicating approval for setting up a restaurant at the chosen location.

Optional Permits:

Ramadan Permit:

  • If applicable, acquire a Ramadan permit to operate during specific hours during the holy month.

Liquor Permit:

  • If your restaurant intends to serve alcoholic beverages, secure a liquor permit from the relevant authorities.

Pork Permit:

  • If your menu includes pork dishes, obtain a permit allowing the sale and preparation of pork.

Delivery Permit:

  • If your restaurant offers delivery services, check if a specific permit is required for smooth operations.

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