Clinic Approval (Interior Design) in Dubai:

Incorporating interior design into the process of establishing a clinic in Dubai introduces a new set of regulatory considerations. Here is an expanded guide that provides comprehensive information on interior design and identifies the responsible authorities for obtaining various approvals:

Reserve a Trade Name:

Select a unique trade name for your clinic and reserve it through the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Interior Design Approval:

The interior design of healthcare facilities must comply with specific guidelines established by the Dubai Municipality. Obtain approval for the interior design plans from the Building Department of the Dubai Municipality.

Obtain Approval from the DHA:

Submit the required documents, including a signed undertaking letter, to the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) for approval. These documents should outline the medical services you intend to offer and demonstrate how the interior design supports these services.

Submit the Documents:

Provide all the necessary documents, a photocopy of the initial approval, and the registration fee to the DED for final approval.

Obtain Final Approval from the DED:

Acquire a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner to appoint a Medical Director (MD). Finalize the trade license from the Department of Economic Development or Free Zone Authority, and provide information about the Medical Director and healthcare professionals.

Interior Fit-Out Approval:

If you are making any structural changes or modifications to the interior space, you may require additional approval for the interior fit-out from the relevant authorities, which may include the Building Department of the Dubai Municipality.

Get a License from the DHA:

To officially operate your clinic in Dubai, it is necessary to obtain a final license from the Dubai Healthcare Authority. This license ensures that your clinic’s interior design meets the healthcare standards set by the authority.

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