Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) Approval Services

Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) Approval Services:

Before establishing your office, restaurant, or any other business in Dubai, you need to obtain DCD Approval Dubai from Dubai Civil Defense in conjunction with Dubai Municipality or Dubai Development Authority.

Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) Approval complies with the rules and regulations governing the security and safety of establishments and the residents in Dubai under its jurisdiction.

The Ideal Reality Interior (IR Interior) has extensive experience working in Dubai and knows exactly what it takes to obtain Dubai Civil Defense DCD Approval to establish your business in Dubai.

What is Civil Defense OR Dubai Civil Defense Authority?

Established in 1976, Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) is responsible for managing various emergency situations in Dubai. Dubai Civil Defense Authority (DCDA) issues certificates of approval (COCAs) for various services provided by DCD. The main mission of DCD is to ensure that Dubai is the safest place in the world and the safest place to live. Currently, the Director General of DCD under the leadership of MAJORGENT GRAND PROFESSIONAL RASHID Thani Al Matroushi. The DCD has saved a lot of lives from various disasters. There are various departments working under the authority of DCD such as DAFRA, DASPT, and DAA etc.

DCD requirement for NOC:

  • Water supply layout
  • Power layout
  • HVAC & Ventilation layout
  • Mechanical equipment schedule
  • Power layout indicating meter location
  • Lighting layout
  • Fire alarm & firefighting layout
  • LPG layout
  • Grease interceptor for kitchen & restaurant
  • Coordinated reflected ceiling plan with final MEP Fix layout
  • Load schedule
  • Single line diagram

Document Required for DCD Approval:

A-Documents required from Landlord for DCD Approval:

  • NOC Letter for the proposed fit-out works addressed to DDA.
  • NOC from Plot owner
  • Valid Site Affection Layout
  • Existing Heat load Schedule
  • Existing Electrical load Schedule approved by DEWA
  • DM Building Completion Certificate (BCC)
  • Base building DCD approved drawings
  • Layouts (FA, FF, Emergency. Light. )
  • Base Build Architectural, MEP & Structural approved drawings ( soft copy)
  • Land Lord DEWA NOC
  • Copy of passport and Emirates ID for Tenant representative

B- Documents required from Tenant:

  • Copy of lease agreement between the tenant and landlord (signed and stamped by relevant parties).
  • Tenant appointment letter for fit-out contractor addressed to DDA
  • Client DEWA Work award letter.
  • Tenant trade license with the new address (at least initial approval or Trade Name approval)

Required Drawings For DCD Approval:

A3 size pdf -follow color code as per DCD drawing submission Décor PPT

  • Cover Sheet
  • Key Plan
  • Existing & Proposed Partitions
  • Proposed Furniture
  • Proposed Flooring
  • Proposed RCP
  • (With ceiling void distance)
  • Travel distance (life safety)
  • Proposed Emergency lighting
  • Proposed Fire alarm
  • Proposed Firefighting (pendent and upright as applicable-if void distance more than 800mm)

Dubai Civil Defense Approval Services:

As an approved contractor for Dubai Civil Defense (DCD), we have a long history of taking approval from them. Dubai Civil Defense plays a vital role in maintaining the highest standards of safety and security at Industrial Plants, Factories, and Commercial Buildings as well in Dubai. You can concentrate on your business plan we can help you in completion of the fit-out or design work/services while we take care of the approvals from authorities.

With years of experience in design and architecture, we have an in-house team to provide quality work and timely delivery on projects. Our company has extensive experience in designing, supply, modification, and installation. We handle approval from authorities and prepare required drawing sets on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) Approval

What is Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) and its Authority?

Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) is an organization established in 1976 with the main mission of ensuring the safety and security of Dubai. They are responsible for managing emergency situations and issuing certificates of approval (COCAs) for services provided by DCD.

Why is DCD Approval Necessary for Establishing a Business in Dubai?

DCD Approval is essential for businesses in Dubai to comply with safety and security regulations. It ensures that establishments adhere to the highest standards, contributing to Dubai being the safest place in the world. Obtaining DCD (Dubai Civil Defense) Approval is a crucial step in the establishment process to ensure the well-being of residents and the overall safety of the city.

What Services Does Ideal Reality Interior (IR Interior) Provide for DCD Approval?

IR Interior, with extensive experience in Dubai, offers DCD Approval services as an approved contractor. The services include handling approval processes from authorities like here from Dubai Civil Defense, preparing required drawing sets, and completing fit-out or design work on behalf of clients. The company’s in-house team ensures quality work and timely project delivery.

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