BOQ for Interior Design – Estimate Versus BOQ in Interior Design

BOQ for interior designing

In interior planning, distinguishing between an estimate and a bill of quantities (BOQ) reveals a significant financial contrast. You receive an estimate after completing the design process, whereas a bill of quantities is provided after hiring an interior designer.

To obtain clear financials before hiring an interior designer, you need to understand what each statement entails and how they fit into your interior design process.

What is a BOQ or Billing of Quantities in Interior Design?

In interior design, handling the sheer volume of work can feel daunting. Designers organize and categorize each job according to specifications and quantities in their own way. It’s a process tailored to each client and project, requiring a lot of time and care to create a “Billing Of Quantities” (BOQ). To create a BOQ, you need a clear idea of materials and quantities. This process can take a few days or weeks, especially when rates and prices are constantly changing.

When is BOQ Prepared in the Interior Design Process?

In the hierarchy of interior design, designers issue a Board of Quarters (BOQ) after approving the design plan (materials and quantities) and completing the design process (2D/3D layouts).

The design process itself consumes time, is time-consuming, and expensive. It can only begin once you’ve finalized a designer.

So, what is a Block Estimate, why it is needed and When is it Prepared?

In the early stages of their interior projects, clients still need to estimate their budget. Proven designers can provide precise estimates, often called “BLOCK ESTIMATES,” taking into account the total area and work scope. This early stage involves a short discussion about materials, functional, and aesthetic needs, budget limitations, and visual representation through mood boards. Based on this, designers come up with a “tentative” number for the given project.

IR Interior Services:

IR Interior can provide you with all the services you need, from creating project layouts to generating billable quantities (BQs) for your projects. Our team comprises Dubai Municipality-certified architectural engineers with over a decade of experience in drawing, interior design, billable quantity preparation, and obtaining approval from Dubai Authorities.

If you are looking to prepare a billable quantity for your project, consider Idea Reality Interior Decor. Our streamlined process makes it easy for you. Contact us for more information.

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