Get Dubai Municipality Approval for Fit-Out

fit out approval from Dubai Municipality

If you’re looking to undertake any type of interior refurbishment or fit-out in Dubai, you’ll need to obtain a Dubai Municipality Approval. The Dubai Municipality has a set of rules and regulations that must be followed for the fit-out to be safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

The Dubai Municipality Approval Process for Fit-Out

Actively Obtain a Trade License:

Apply for and actively obtain the required trade license for your business activities.

Actively Acquire a NOC (Building Owners Certificate):

Request and actively secure a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the building owner or relevant authority.

Actively Secure a Permit to Carry Out Interior Work:

Apply for and actively obtain the necessary permit to conduct interior work on the premises.

Actively Submit Detailed Drawings for Review and Approval by the Municipality:

Prepare and actively submit detailed drawings to the Municipality for review and approval.

Describe the layout, materials, electrical plans, plumbing plans, and any structural changes actively.

Actively Get Approvals from Competent Authorities:

Obtain approvals actively from Competent Authorities such as DEWA (Department of Electrical and Plumbing) and Dubai Civil Defense (Department of Fire Safety).

Comply actively with any additional requirements specified by these authorities.

Actively Complete the Fit-out Work:

Commence and actively execute the fit-out work according to the approved plans and in adherence to the established rules and regulations.

Actively Obtain a Completion Certificate:

Seek a Completion Certificate from the relevant authorities after completing the fit-out work.

Required Documents for Dubai Municipality Approval for Fit Out:

  • Trade license
  • NOC from the building owner
  • Permit for carrying out interior work
  • Detailed drawings of proposed fit-out work
  • Electrical and plumbing plans
  • NOC from DEWA
  • Fire safety measures plan
  • NOC from Dubai Civil Defense
  • Soil test report (if applicable)

Submitting all the required documentation to the Dubai Municipality is important to prevent any delays or problems in the approval procedure.

In summary, ensuring your renovation is safe and sustainable involves actively following the rules and regulations set by the Dubai Municipality. Obtain all the necessary approvals before commencing the work.

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