Get Dubai Municipality Approval for Clinics

Dubai Municipality approval for clinic

Throughout its history, the UAE has overcome many challenges and has emerged as a world-class leader in many fields because of its ability to adapt and grow. In recent years, the number of people relocating to the UAE has significantly increased, as individuals from all over the globe search for various jobs and benefits available in the UAE.

In the healthcare sector, there are more public hospitals and clinics than ever before, and the number of private hospitals and clinics has also increased in recent years due to this population growth.

The Dubai government is very dedicated to providing its citizens with the best medical services and facilities. The Dubai government established the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services in the country. The DHA aims to promote the development of the healthcare sector and to establish standards for approving clinics and accrediting other healthcare facilities under its guidelines.

DM Approval Requirements for Private Clinics

To open a private hospital or clinic in Dubai, you must submit requirements such as attesting to an international diploma or degree by the certification procedure in the UAE. Additionally, all medical personnel and professionals must obtain certification from the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) through any available means. Proficiency in the English language, both in verbal and written communication, is also mandatory for all medical staff.

Requirements for Dubai Municipality approval for Clinic

The Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) operates in the world’s largest healthcare-free zone, Dubai Healthcare City. The DHA has four branches: Healthcare, Education & Research, Investment, and Regulation. Each branch manages the licensing and approval of medical professionals and medical centers. DHA approval covers all types of clinics in Dubai.

Documents Required for DM approval (Clinic)

The tenant must provide a trade license copy (or trade name reservation + initial trade license copy). The Real Estate Regulation (RERA) copy, the Real Estate Code (EJari), and the National Occupancy Certificate (NOC) from the building owner/real estate/management are also required. The plot, affection plan, and DM-approved existing drawing (Municipality Stamped Drawing – As Built) must be submitted.

List of Drawing to DM Cover sheet

  • Key plan (highlight our unit with rev-cloud)
  • Existing floor plan
  • Proposed floor plan
  • Flooring layout (e.g. ceramic, parquet, carpet)
  • Ceiling layout (e.g. 60×60 gypsum tile, plain gypsum, aluminum, etc.)
  • Seating and equipment layout
  • Section (internal height from floor to soffit and floor to false ceiling)

List of Drawing to DM Mechanical

  • Existing HVAC layout (showing FCU and Fresh air)
  • Proposed HVAC layout (showing FCU details, Ducting, VCD, CFM, duct Size and
    Fresh air details)
  • Existing drainage layout (showing nearest connection)
  • Proposed drainage layout (including pipe size, floor trap, hand wash, toilet, etc.)

Why Choose IR Interior?

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