Get Approval for Restaurants from Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality approval for restaurant

The Dubai Municipality has the authority to approve the establishment of restaurants under its jurisdiction, by the rules of the Dubai Municipality. Businesses seeking approval must submit various requirements and documentation to the Dubai Municipality for consideration. The initial inspection conducted by the Dubai Municipality may encompass designated restaurant building, safety requirements, and food quality.

Dubai aligns its food safety standards with those of the United States, Australia, and Hong Kong, demonstrating compliance with the United Nations’ requirements for food safety. This reflects the authorities’ efforts to adhere to international standards.

If you intend to start your own restaurant business in Dubai, you can now access a comprehensive set of guidelines on the Dubai Municipality portal or you can get our help.

Dubai Municipality Requirements for the Approval of Restaurant.

Document Required

  • Provide the Tenant Trade License Copy (or Marque reservation and Initial Trade License Copy).
  • Submit a copy of Ejari.
  • Secure NOC from Building Owner/Real Estate/Management.
  • Submit the attachment setup, including the plot drawing.
  • Pay the ADP “as per Company” (DDC FEE).
  • Submit existing and proposed drawings as per the new requirements.

Required Drawing

  • Configure the key (highlight our unit with Rev-Cloud).
  • Create an architectural plan (indicate 2 hours of Fire-rated enclosure in Red color and 1 hour in Blue color).
  • Develop a proposed architectural plan (showing 2 hours of Red-rated enclosure in Blue color).
  • Design the flooring layout (specify Ceramic, Parquet, Carpet, etc.).
  • Plan the ceiling layout (include 60×60 mineral Tile, Plain Mineral, Aluminum, etc.).
  • Establish the furniture/equipment layout.
  • Create a section (displaying Vertical Dimension).
  • Prepare a cover sheet.
  • Align existing mechanical devices (show Sprinkler Pipes in Green Color, Mechanical Device Head in Red Color).
  • Align existing smoke/heat detectors (depict Circuit Area Unit in Red Color) and propose new alignment (Circuits Area Unit in Green Color).
  • Design the layout for proposed Emergency & Exit lighting (Circuits area Unit in Green Color).
  • Provide typical details for devices.

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