Trakhees Approval for Mezzanine Floor – Get Trakhees Approval

trakhees approval for mezzanine-floor

A mezzanine floor, an intermediate structure within a building, serves diverse purposes such as providing additional storage or office space. In Dubai, the approval of mezzanine floors falls under the jurisdiction of Trakhees, a government agency overseeing environmental, occupational health, and safety regulations.

Trakhees' Role in Development and Construction:

Securing Trakhees approval is pivotal in Dubai’s development and construction, especially within the free zones under Trakhees’ governance, including Dubai World Central and Dubai Lakes Towers. This regulatory body actively oversees and regulates construction activities to ensure compliance with established standards.

Documents Required for Trakhees Approval:

When applying for Trakhees approval for a Mezzanine Floor, the following documents are necessary:

  • Complete the Trakhees Mezzanine Floor Application Form.
  • Provide a copy of the approved building permit for the structure.
  • Include a detailed site plan indicating the proposed location of the mezzanine floor.
  • Submit architectural engineering drawings outlining the specifications of the mezzanine floor.
  • Furnish fire safety plans detailing safety measures for the mezzanine floor.
  • Pay the Trakhees approval fee.

Trakhees Approval Process:

The Trakhees approval process typically spans 4-6 weeks. Upon approval, Trakhees issues a Mezzanine Floor Approval Certificate, a mandatory display on the mezzanine floor at all times.

Additional Considerations:

Specific restrictions apply to mezzanine floor construction in Dubai, such as adhering to height limitations and utilizing approved materials. Collaboration with a structural engineer is essential to guarantee the safety and compliance of the mezzanine floor with all applicable regulations.

Why Choose Idea Reality Interior Decoration (IR INTERIOR) for Trakhees Mezzanine Approval?

IR Interior, a team specializing in obtaining Trakhees Approvals in Dubai, features certified architectural engineers with expertise in securing approvals for Mezzanine Floors from Trakhees. Our team ensures that design drawings align with the necessary rules and regulations for Mezzanine Floor approvals. Moreover, we provide comprehensive solutions to streamline the Trakhees approval process for Mezzanine Floors in Dubai. If you wish to learn more about Trakhee’s approval for Mezzanine Floors in Dubai, feel free to contact us without hesitation.


Navigating the Trakhees approval process for mezzanine floors in Dubai requires meticulous attention to documentation, compliance with regulations, and collaboration with experts. Securing Trakhee’s approval ensures not only regulatory compliance but also the safety and integrity of the constructed mezzanine floor.

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