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Get Trakhees Approval for Warehouse

trakhees approval for warehouse

If you plan to open a warehouse in the emirate of Dubai, you must obtain Trakhees’ approval. Trakhees is the government body responsible for environmental health and safety regulations in Dubai, overseeing development and construction in the city’s free zones. The Trakheese regulations and guidelines govern well-known free zones like DWC (Dubai World Central) and […]

Get Trakhees Approval for Villa Construction in Dubai

Trakhees approval for villa construction

Trakhees, the government agency overseeing environmental and occupational health and safety in Dubai, mandates obtaining approval to construct a villa in the city. If you are planning to build a villa, securing Trakhees Approval is a crucial step to comply with the regulations and guidelines established by Trakhees. This regulatory authority oversees development and construction […]

Get Trakhees Approval for Salons in Dubai

Get Trakhees Approval for Salons in Dubai

Obtaining Trakhees Approval is crucial when opening a salon in Dubai, as it ensures compliance with the rules and regulations specific to the Free Zones managed by Trakhees, such as Dubai World Central, Dubai Lakes Towers, etc. Trakhees serves as the regulatory authority overseeing development and construction activities in these free zones. Requirements for Trakhees […]

Trakhees Approval for Restaurant – Get Trakhees Approval

Trakhees Approal for Restauant

Obtaining Trakhee’s approval is a pivotal step for establishing a restaurant business in Dubai, particularly within free zones like Dubai World Central and Dubai Lakes Towers. This endorsement ensures strict adherence to area-specific rules and regulations, with Trakhees serving as the regulatory authority overseeing development and construction activities. The Application Process: To obtain Trakhees approval […]

Trakhees Approval – Get the Fastest Trakhees Approval in Dubai


The Trakhees Regulatory Authority oversees regulations that govern specific activities in Dubai’s free zones, ports, and specialized areas. The authority conducts a thorough review and assessment of proposed activities, encompassing environmental impact assessments, health and safety evaluations, and other pertinent considerations. Businesses and individuals operating in these areas must obtain approval for their operations. Importance […]