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The Trakhees Regulatory Authority oversees regulations that govern specific activities in Dubai’s free zones, ports, and specialized areas. The authority conducts a thorough review and assessment of proposed activities, encompassing environmental impact assessments, health and safety evaluations, and other pertinent considerations. Businesses and individuals operating in these areas must obtain approval for their operations.

Importance of Trakhees Approval

Trakhees Approval is crucial in ensuring the safety, sustainability, and quality of development projects in Dubai. It helps to:

  • Protect public health and safety by ensuring that projects adhere to strict safety standards and regulations like interior designs of café, warehouses, and villas.
  • Minimize environmental impact by assessing the potential environmental impact of projects and taking measures to mitigate any adverse effects.
  • Maintain high standards of quality by ensuring that projects meet the high standards set by Trakhees for construction, design, interior, and other aspects of development.

Role of Trakhees in Dubai

Trakhees is the government department responsible for regulating development and construction activities in Dubai’s free zones, ports, and specialized areas. It plays a critical role in ensuring that these areas are developed in a sustainable, safe, and responsible manner. Trakhee’s responsibilities include:

  • Issuing building permits (like interior or exterior design) and other approvals for development projects.
  • Enforcing construction codes and regulations.
  • Conducting inspections to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Protecting the environment.

Steps in Trakhees Approval Process

You cannot begin any construction until you have obtained a Trakhees building permit. To obtain Trakhees’ Approval easily, you must follow the following steps:

Formalities for Pre-Approval:

Before applying for Trakhees Approval, your contractor or consultant must first obtain NOC for concept design. This design is then uploaded to e-permit to obtain a Building Permit application ID. Your consultant will then be notified of the building permit fee, and the specified payment must be made.

Application Submission:

Once the payment has been made, your consultant must apply along with the payment receipt to the Trakhees Helpdesk. If the CD contains all of the required documents, it is accepted, and your consultant will receive a submission serial number via mail. Trakhees reserves the right to reject your application if the documents are incomplete.

Distribution of Documents:

Upon approval of your application, the Structural Engineer will forward your documents to an Architect, Quality Engineer, and HVAC Specialist. The Structural Engineer will ensure that your drawings and documentation include the required structural calculations. The Architect will check your drawings against various standards. The Quality Engineer will verify the drawings against the quality guidelines. The HVAC Specialist will review your thermal load calculations. Once all of the Engineers have examined your project documents and drawings, they will forward a copy to the Structural Engineer, who will prepare a Feedback Summary Report. This report will then be sent to the permit administrator, who will send the Trakhees Approval letter to your Engineering consultant in Dubai. If the feedback summary report suggests any changes, you must resubmit your documents after making the requested adjustments.

Required Drawings for Trakhees Approval

  1. Building architectural plan showing the location of projected modification space
    Floor plan (Existing & Proposed)
  2. Elevation & Sections
  3. Utilities Layout set up (Existing & Proposed)
  4. Design Calculation and structural drawings (If applicable)
  5. Master Developer Approved drawings (If applicable)
  6. Stamped CED Approved Drawings of Existing Facility

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Trakhees approval has become more difficult in Dubai due to the influx of expats. More and more people are investing in property and carrying out renovations. As a result, more and more people are applying for Trakhees in Dubai. Due to the increase in the number of applications, there have been delays in the approval process. Idea Reality Interior is the only approval company that can process Trakhees at the fastest rate in Dubai. We take pride in our efficiency and dedication to providing fast approval services.

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