Get Trakhees Approval for Salons in Dubai

Get Trakhees Approval for Salons in Dubai

Obtaining Trakhees Approval is crucial when opening a salon in Dubai, as it ensures compliance with the rules and regulations specific to the Free Zones managed by Trakhees, such as Dubai World Central, Dubai Lakes Towers, etc. Trakhees serves as the regulatory authority overseeing development and construction activities in these free zones.

Requirements for Trakhees Approval for a Salon in Dubai:

To apply for Trakheese approval for your new salon, you’ll need to fill out an application form.

  • The salon must have a valid trade license from the Dubai Municipality.
  • The salon must have a valid lease agreement for the premises.
  • The salon must have architectural plans that have been approved by the Dubai Municipality.
  • The salon must have electrical plans that have been approved by the Dubai Municipality.
  • The salon must have plumbing plans that have been approved by the Dubai Municipality.
  • The salon must have a health and safety management plan that has been approved by Trakhees.

Once you have submitted your application for your salon, Trakhees will review it and will either approve or reject your application. If your application is approved, you will be issued a Trakhees approval certificate for a salon. 

Trakhees Approval Process for Salons:

Engage a Registered and Approved Consultant:

Hiring a consultant who is registered and approved is the most effective way to ensure a smooth approval process. These consultants are well-acquainted with the company’s specific requirements and guidelines, simplifying the approval process.

Get the Permits:

Before initiating any construction or fit-out work for your salon, obtain the necessary permits from the trakhees. This typically involves securing a business license, obtaining a building owner’s NOC, and acquiring a permit for any salon-related work.

Submit Detailed Plans and Drawings:

Submit comprehensive plans of your salon to the company. These plans should encompass layout, treatment rooms, reception areas, plumbing, electrical systems, and any structural modifications required. Ensure that the plans align with the trakhees specific needs and regulations.

Follow health and safety rules:

Adhere to Trakhees’ health and safety regulations in salons. Ensure that your design and operations comply with all the rules Trakhees sets for health and safety.

Coordinate inspections:

Work closely with Trakhees during inspections conducted at various stages of your salon establishment process. This collaboration is crucial to ensuring that your plans and regulations meet the required standards for final approval.

Get a completion certificate:

Obtain a certificate confirming that your salon’s construction and fit-out are in line with Trakhees’ rules and regulations after completing the process.

IR Interior Approval Services:

Idea Reality Interior Team specializes in assisting salon owners in obtaining approval, we leverage our expertise and experience to streamline the approval process. We aim to make the process as efficient as possible, allowing you to concentrate on realizing your vision.

What are the Benefits of Getting Trakhee's Approval for Salon?

There are several benefits to getting Trakhee’s approval for the salon. These benefits include:

  • Compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Protection of human health according to trakhees regulations.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your salon is compliant with all applicable regulations.
  • Reduced risk of fines or penalties from Trakhees.
  • Increased customer trust.

Additional tips for getting Trakhees approval for your salon:

Don’t wait until it’s too late:

Initiate the application process as soon as possible. The approval process may extend for weeks or even months.

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork:

Ensure you possess all the required paperwork. Trakhees will not approve your application if essential documents are missing.

Work with an approved contractor:

Collaborate with a contractor approved by Trakhees. An approved contractor can assist you in navigating the approval process and ensuring your salon complies with all relevant regulations.

Why Choose Idea Reality Interior Decoration?

We are a team that provides approvals in Dubai, specializing in obtaining various Trakhees Approvals in the city. Our team includes certified architect engineers in Dubai with expertise in securing approvals for salons from Trakhees. We design drawings according to the rules and regulations necessary for salon approvals. Additionally, we provide comprehensive solutions to streamline the process of obtaining Trakhees approval for salons in Dubai. If you wish to learn more about Trakhee’s approval for salons in Dubai, please feel free to contact us.

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