How to get a DCD Inspection and Completion Certificate?

Are you encountering difficulties in obtaining Dubai Civil Defense approval in Dubai for your construction projects? You might be missing some important information and requirements necessary to obtain Dubai Civil Defense approval in Dubai. We break down the most crucial information and requirements for obtaining DCD Inspection and approval, making access easy and convenient.

Importance of Dubai Civil Defense Inspection and Completion Certificate

The Dubai Civil Defense (DED) has always aimed to position the UAE as one of the world’s best countries in terms of achieving Safety and Security. The goal is to protect lives by ensuring the safety and security of all industrial sectors, commercial sectors, residential sectors, and public sectors in the UAE.

Acquiring a DCD Inspection and a Completion Certificate is essential to ensure that the government authority’s Safety and Security vision is well-defined and implemented.

The Dubai Civil Defense Development Department issues a DCD Inspection certificate. In most building projects in Dubai, compliance with safety standards and regulations is ensured through DCD Inspections. The Dubai Civil Defense issues the Completion Certificate once compliance is achieved.

DCD Inspection Requirements

  • Obtain your fit-out permit from the main contractor.
  • Have the DCD approve your drawing.
  • Obtain your final DCD approval.
  • Secure your contractor trade license.
  • Receive your DCD fire code invoice.
  • Obtain your P.R.O. card or Delegate card.
  • Write your 6-page application in the Arabic language.
  • Obtain your green file from the firefighting contractor.
  • Obtain a copy of your building’s valid annual maintenance contract.
  • Secure certificates for equipment supply and installation for smoke detector and heat detector; emergency and exit lights; fire sprinkler; equipment warranty; commissioning report for fire sprinkler; testing and Commissioning report for fire alarm; cable; warranty for fire alarm interface connection; newly installed addressable fire alarm control panel; fire-rated parquet flooring; fire alarm control panel documents; and 24/7 payment receipt.

Requirement for Final Completion Certificate

  • Provide a copy of a valid construction license, issued by the competent authority.
  • Submit a valid certificate of import, installation, and testing of a guaranteed fire and alarm system by an approved installation and maintenance company.
  • Present certificates for maintaining fire equipment by the owner, and certificates for installing fire-rated doors and cables.
  • Provide copies of your trade license and maintenance contract for fire equipment and systems.
  • Prepare a road map of your premises, along with an official letter containing your contact number within 24 hours.

Requirements for Certificate of Completion for Building

  • Building permit
  • Approved drawing
  • Supply, installation, and warranty of all DCD fire and life safety equipment according to the DCD-approved design drawings
  • Smart monitoring subscription certificate for building
  • Dry riser or wet riser certificate
  • Elevator inspection and elevator manufacturer certificate
  • Contractors certifications for all Fire and life safety equipment connected to the building fire detection and alarm system

Requirements for Certificate of Completion for Decor or Fit-out Projects

  • building permit for decoration
  • Approved drawing
  • Supply, installation, and warranty of all DCD fire and life safety equipment according to DCD Approved design drawings
  • Contractors’ certifications for all fire and Life safety equipment integrated with building fire detection and alarm system
  • Smart monitoring subscription certificate
  • Maintenance contract of fire and life safety systems of building or building completion

Requirements for Certificate of Completion for LPG/ Fuel Gas Installation

  • Obtain an LPG or Fuel Gas Company License.
  • Ensure DCD approves the drawing.
  • Secure DCD approval for supply, installation, and warranty for all LPG equipment as per the DCD-approved design drawings.
  • Complete DCD decor/fit-out or building fire & life safety system maintenance contract.
  • Establish a DCD annual maintenance contract for the LPG / Fuel Gas System.
  • Ensure DCD approves LPG equipment and control panel interface with building fire detection & alarm system.

The IR Interior Team ensures that construction projects in Dubai meet safety standards for correct DCD Inspection approval, enabling the timely acquisition of the Completion Certificate. Our team delivers quality services in document submission, drawing approvals, obtaining NOCs, and conducting inspections, crucial for project success. We anticipate collaborating with you. Contact us for further details on the DCD Approvals Service.

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